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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  When are the seasons? 
Q.  What is the practice schedule? 
Q.  How old does my child need to be to play? What are the age groups for the league (based on Date of Birth)?  
Q.  Do you have paid coaches? 
Q.  What is the Game/Practice Cancellation Policy? 
Q.  What equipment is necessary for soccer? 
Q.  What size soccer ball do I buy for my child? 
Q.  What is your refund policy? 
Q.  Parking and Security 
Q.  Safety Reminders  (i.e. Can I drop off my child at practice? )
Q.  Land O'Frost Sponsorship 
Q.  How are games played? What are the game guidelines for each age group?
Q.  How are the registration fees utilized?
Q.  If I volunteer to coach my child's team, what is the reimbursement policy for registration fees?
Q.  What is the Uniform Policy?  What is included in the uniform?
Q.  When are games played?
Q.  Why do I have 2 uniform jerseys?  Which jersey is home color? Which jersey is away color?
Q.  I am having problems with registration.  I have questions about the registering on-line. What do I do?
Q.  Where can I find more information about the Recreational, Academy and Select Programs?
Q.  How are the age groups divided? Are the teams co-ed or single sex?  What does the "U" stand for in the age group name?
Q.  Do you have a size chart for uniforms?
Q.  How do I view my child's roster?
Q.  How do I view my child's practice schedule?
Q.  How do I view my child's game schedule?
Q.  What are the Key Dates for the Upcoming Season?
Q.  How do I register on-line?

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