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Instructions for RIAS Teams


Player Cards

  • At the start of each season, the League Registrar provides each RIAS team with Player Cards. (RIAS = Rec-Interaffiliate Scheduling)
  • GA Soccer Rule Regarding Recreation Interaffiliate Schedule (RIAS) Passes: 420.1 All teams will be required to have US Youth Soccer player and coach passes issued by Georgia Soccer with the player and coach’s recent picture permanently affixed and laminated.  
  • 420.1a: In the absence of a credentialed coach, an adult 18 years old or older with a photo ID and named on the game card, may assume duties as the game-day coach.
  • 420.2: A team that does not present its passes to the referee prior to the beginning of the match shall forfeit that match unless, in the Division Committee's discretion, valid extenuating circumstances were present.  
  • GA Soccer Rule Regarding Seasonal Player Cards:  420.6  All U10 and above Recreational teams with Interaffiliate scheduled games must be issued new player passes each season. Referees will only accept passes for the current playing season (fall or spring).
  • Each Player Card is to have the players’ photo and be laminated prior to the first game.   It is the responsibility of each team to get this completed.
  • Place the photo on the designated area of the Player Card, detach it from the blue portion (blue can go to the kids), then laminate.    No player signature is required on the player card.
  • The Coach of each team also has to have a laminated card with a photo. (including Asst Coaches)
  • The Coach shows the Player Cards to the referee when each player is checked-in before each game. The Player Cards need to be presented to the referee before each and every game.  The Player Cards assure the referee that every child on the team is properly, registered and eligible to play.  Bottom line: no player card, no play.
  • After the referee uses the Player Cards to check-in the team, the referee returns the Player Cards to the coach for use again for each game of the season and/or any tournament.  
  • Only the League Registrar can print Player Cards.  There is special card stock that needs to be utilized.
  • If a player needs a new Player Card, please contact the League Registrar.  A one week lead time is necessary for issuing a new card.  
  • Each player receives a new Player Card at the beginning of each season.  A returning player from the Fall Season CANNOT use his/her Player Card from the Fall Season.  He/She must use the new Spring Season Player Card.

Official Team Rosters

    • Under Teams, click the Edit link next to the team you would like to view.
    • The Team page will appear.  Ensure you are on the Team Roster Tab.
    • Under the list of players click the Print Team Roster button.
    • Ensure you print the roster onto the watermark paper you just printed above.   

Game Day Line Up Sheet

  • Each Coach prints 2 Game Day Line Up Sheets from the Sports Affinity website before each game (no hand written game sheets are allowed).  
  • A Game Day Line Up Sheet shows the roster for both teams, the time & location for each game and provides room for the referees to make comments. 
  • After each game, the referee will fill out the sheets to show the final score and adds any comments.  
  • The referee will keep one copy from each team for State records and return one copy to each coach for the team to maintain.  
  • Click on this link to get detailed instructions for printing Game Day Line Up Sheets:

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