Smyrna Soccer Club


Below is a list of contact names and email addresses for questions you may have on the following topics:

Age Group Coordinator Lead  - Jon Anderson
Bylaws/Elections/Standard Operating Procedures - Drew Mallory
Club Communications (Emails, Facebook, Texts, Website) - Natalie Yozzo
Concessions - Jay Nankani
Equipment/Facilities/Property - Shon Casey
Field Closings - Natalie Yozzo
Fundraising/Sponsorships - Eric Homansky
GPS - Jordan Tant
Photos - Natalie Yozzo
Publicity - Natalie Yozzo
Referees - Paul Hofmann
Registration  - Angie Fuller
Soccer Interests (Complaints, Discipline, Coaches, Game Day Activities, Program Performance) - Jon Anderson
Team Managers - Natalie Yozzo
Trophies - U4 & U6 - Natalie Yozzo
Trophies - U8 & Above - Jay Nankani
Uniforms - Rec - Natalie Yozzo
Uniforms - Academy/Select - Chuck Martin
Volunteers - Natalie Yozzo