Smyrna Soccer Club

Smyrna Soccer Club's mission is to provide soccer players of all ages the appropriate level of play and training in a supportive environment where the game is delivered in a fun, positive, and educational atmosphere, enhancing our player's character and desire for the game.

In promoting our players in the lesson of becoming good citizens who respect each other and compete in a healthy but competitive soccer environment, our goal is to encourage players to express themselves through their actions on the field of play and to improve through our soccer curriculum focusing on each players skills regardless of level, skill or ability.


Our purpose is to provide all levels of programs that are fun, rewarding, challenging, and demanding for the player that wants to strive to play at the highest level.

The club is dedicated to providing a community based environment for the residents of the city, and developing a multicultural organization that fosters the "World's Favorite and Most Beautiful Game".


To get up to the minute status please text
"SMYRNA SC" to 84483.

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